So you are a Freak?

So I am having a chat with a colleague and he’s like  ‘Favour, you are abnormal’ and I am like say what?

However, looking back, he might have been right I am indeed abnormal and so is everybody with the Holy spirit living in them. You are special, you are not like everybody else.

You’ve got the almighty as your father who has given you the mandate to be the salt and light of the world. it’s okay to be a freak, it’s okay not be like everybody else. It’s okay to think, talk and sound almost like Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

1 peter 2:9 says

”But you are a chosen generation a royal priest hood, a holy nation,a peculiar ,that you may declare the praises of him who has called into his marvelous light”.

Note the word ‘Peculiar’  is a synonym for abnormal.

Jesus tells us in  Mark 8: 38 that

”If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in the adulterous and sinful generation, the son of man would be ashamed of them when he comes in his father’s glory with his holy angels”

Peace DIONNE 20140913_153256


As a matter of fact, Matthew 10:33 emphasizes the same

”If anyone denies me before men, I will deny before my father who is in heaven”

Therefore, let’s be proud followers of Jesus both in our thoughts, words and deeds.


XO, Favour


Published by Favour Sokolayam Adebowale

Favour is a wife and a mum who is completely obsessed with her Jesus. She has authored the ebook “In search of hope; finding hope in seeming hopelessness” which can be found on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “So you are a Freak?

  1. Wow!!!! Peculiar and abnormal are synonyms that’s makes it comforting #getyourfreakON

    1. Wow, wow, wow….Ore me…I’m extremely proud of you, and I lack words to sincerely express how I feel as I saw these site and the contents in it…but my prayer is that, may the good lord uphold you and strengthen you more both spiritually, morally and feel you with his wisdom and to actualize God plan and purpose in life and destiny in Jesus Mighty name Amen. Congrats Dearie!!!

  2. Never been more happy to be PECULIAR 😀
    I think we should be concerned as believers if we fit in so much! We are meant to be different…royalty,dignitaries -ambassadors for Jesus! 🙂 🙂

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