So a few days ago, I stepped out of line in my relationship with the Father and I had this overwhelming sense of guilt and truthfully, I would have run away completely from God but where could I run to?

The Psalmists says

Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence? Psalm 139:7 (NKJV)

Really where could I have run to? God sees everything and knows everything.

So I pleaded for mercy and for His forgiveness.

Now what made it really bad, besides the fact that I was out of God’s will was that it was something I didn’t think I would ever do again. I mean, I am very spiritual or so I thought …..

Forgetting that:

1 CorIinthians 10:12 (NKJV)

Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.

That is why we have to keep examining ourselves, we are all running a race to heaven or hell…..That’s why  constantly checking yourself to make sure you are on the road to heaven is important.

Continuing my story, God kept reminding me of His love and how I shouldn’t run away because He remains Daddy and He loves me.

Just like when you offend your earthly father, you don’t stop being his child that he loves, you just have to keep trying to mend your relationship with him.  Really, it’s the same way with Father God.

God loves you too, There’s nothing you have done or will do that will make you unworthy of Him because You are clothed with Jesus’s righteousness. See more here.

Ask for mercy today and He will give it.

So as I kept listening to the devil’s condemnations I refused to receive mercy then  the Holy Spirit told me I was just being proud.

Proud in the sense that I felt I was “TOO” holy to offend God. Which would have been really funny if it weren’t sad.

Yes! when you offend God and apologize, RECEIVE GOD’S MERCY!

Lots of times, we wallow in self pity and guilt  forgetting that although God is a consuming fire, He also is MERCIFUL!

I think lots of people have a stereotype about God and assume he is in heaven just waiting for you to step out of line so he can cane you but that’s not the Father I know.


You think you have committed the mother of crimes? ah well….God also forgives murder (I saw somewhere that God doesn’t forgive murder….. oh but He does)

 Now mercy is compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. God generally has the power to deal severely with humans. As a matter of fact before Jesus came it was said

The soul who sins shall die. The son shall not bear the guilt of the father, nor the father bear the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself”. Ezekiel 18:20 (NJKV)

But there is good news, you don’t have to wallow in guilt , condemnation or self pity because Jesus has come. Yes, His spirit would convict you of iniquity but you don’t have to be condemned or die.

You don’t have to isolate yourself from the church.

you don’t have to go back to sexual immorality, wallow in low self esteem or commit suicide because Jesus extends His hand to you today.

Now I am not saying we should deliberately keep falling out of line with God because we know He is merciful. If you try that there are grave consequences.

“What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?

Rom 6:1 -2 (NJKV)

You cannot afford to live in sin.

However, when you find yourself out of line, His arms are open to bring you back just like the prodigal son.

Dedicate or rededicate your life to Jesus!

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3 (NKJV)

Receiving life eternal is accepting Jesus.

Come as you are and He’ll take care of the rest.

God bless your spirit.


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Published by Favour Sokolayam Adebowale

Favour is a wife and a mum who is completely obsessed with her Jesus. She has authored the ebook “In search of hope; finding hope in seeming hopelessness” which can be found on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Forgiven

  1. Hi I’m Shreya!
    Love the post. You have great content on your blog. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    I am relatively new to the blogging forum so please feel free to visit my blog and leave some feedback if you even find the time.
    Enjoy your summer.
    Shreya xx

    1. Hi Shreya, I just checked your blog, You have great content too and I now follow you…:)

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