To love

Today I learnt a valuable lesson about love, and about what this verse means.”And Jesus replied to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for others].(Mathew 22:37-39)

The bible did not say you shall love only if the person shares the same faith as you. We love our brothers and sisters in the body  of course. However, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for others”].

Therefore,even if you don’t agree with personal choices and pattern of living, YOU SHALL LOVE! Everything you and I do, has to reflect LOVE. Love that is unselfish.

Oh and just to say that loving doesn’t mean accepting evil! Absolutely not. (1 Corinthians 13)

So today being in one of my poverty and inequality classes, having talked about Social Protection sensitivity methods for vulnerable groups like the elderly and children. The facilitator led us to discuss about sensitivity for LGBT and Transgender groups.

I refused to participate because the self-righteous person in me that can sometimes surface  thought ” why should I be sensitive to people who blatantly chose to disobey God, the Father of all spirits?”. It took a fight with a friend and the Holy Spirit of course to see differently.

No! I am not advocating for gay rights. Yes! it’s wrong and it’s rebellion against  the Creator.

However, we have been called to be LIGHT in this  dark world. Which means we have been called to lead the way and lead in love.( Mathew 5:13-16). Not in condemning the rest of the world who do not even know the Father’s love.

The devil is a liar and the Bible is the standard, however we must understand that for those outside the Faith, sin is a nature and the act of sin would be committed even if it is homosexuality,fraud, fornication e.t.c (Romans 3:23 ,.Jeremiah 17:9,Mark 7:21-22)

Additionally,if we live as the light of the earth, that we have been called to be and pray for souls, then the love of God through Jesus would definitely keep prevailing.

Of course, God is angry with the sinner everyday (Psalm 7:11). But He  loves this world (John 3:16) and because of His love, Jesus hasn’t returned yet.

And you are not dead yet,because after death  Judgement comes. (Hebrew 9:27).

Jesus loves you and you have no idea how much.. Life as we know it is very short!




Published by Favour Sokolayam Adebowale

Favour is a wife and a mum who is completely obsessed with her Jesus. She has authored the ebook “In search of hope; finding hope in seeming hopelessness” which can be found on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “To love

  1. True Favour. The other things I realise is even though I am in Christ, I am still a sinner. It is through Christ that I am righteousness. By not loving those who choose different is a form of pride – my sin is less than theirs. Humility demands recognition that we all have sinned and fallen short…BUT GOD through Jesus brings me close to Him and washes me as white as snow as though I never sinned.

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