Self-love or selfishness?

What we call selflove many times is selfishness. I am not saying you shouldn’t love yourself, please by all means love yourself but love the Lord God with all your heart first.

Why do we sometimes engage in what is not pleasing to God? Because we are selfish. Humans are generally selfish and sometimes acts that seem selfless are done from a selfish motive.

Why do people engage in perversion? Because they felt like it? Or why do people commit murder? Because they were offended or Angry? The reason for many evils on our planet is because “someone wants to’ or ‘has been pushed to’. It is always about ‘Me’ or ‘I’. ‘I am hungry’ so I will rob or sleep with married men to get money. She looked at me in a way I don’t like, therefore ‘I will deal with her’. I will commit abortion because I don’t want the baby, I will do this and that because it pleases me.

Any act that doesn’t seek to bring Glory to God is sinful. So if you are struggling to break an addiction to porn, food, sex as a Christian and the only reason you want to break free of those is for your own ‘good’, then you probably will struggle for a long time. But if you are trying to break whatever addiction so that the will of God can be done, then expect the help of God because the Motive is for His glory.

For God, the means is just as important as the end. So why do you keep asking God for the answer to that prayer, is it to show off? To feel like ‘you have also arrived’? Or to glorify God? If your answer is not coming you might need to check your motive.

If you claim to be a Christian – child of God, then your life is not about you. It is about your Lord and master – Jesus Christ.

‘In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood’. Hebrews 12:4

May God help us live totally for His glory in Jesus name. Amen.

Published by Favour Sokolayam Adebowale

Favour is a wife and a mum who is completely obsessed with her Jesus. She has authored the ebook “In search of hope; finding hope in seeming hopelessness” which can be found on Amazon.

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