Favour is my name

In Nigeria, there is a song that starts as “I don’t worry about tomorrow, Favour is my name” and it is pretty common to hear names like Favour, Joy, and Blessing. In fact I have relatives called Mercy and Blessing which is normal in the Nigerian context.  My father had never heard the name beforeContinue reading “Favour is my name”

Three lessons from summer

Hello there, I sincerely hope you are having a wonderful summer and if it is not coming up well, I invite you to seek Jesus. He truly answers prayers. Summer for me has been interesting as I am able to pause and reflect on my life. Today, I would like to share some lessons IContinue reading “Three lessons from summer”

From Nigeria to Europe

I got married sometime in 2018 to my friend and although he resided in Germany at that time, I was unaware of the hurdles we would cross to live together. Shortly after the wedding, I took the A1 German test which was and still is a requirement for a long term visa. Although I tookContinue reading “From Nigeria to Europe”

Religion and Relationship:Two opposite ends

Religion has not taken anyone beyond earth, cannot and will not take anyone anywhere. It is a personal relationship that strengthens one’s life here on earth and when you exit your body. A relationship with your maker is the key to holistic sucess here and beyond. Being a christian without knowing Jesus personally changes nothing.TheContinue reading “Religion and Relationship:Two opposite ends”

God’s Will and Hard Times

Friends, do not think that you won’t have challenges just because you are in God’s will. In fact, sometimes the challenges will be so intense that you might begin to question if you are really in God’s will. Jesus was in God’s will and He still died an undeserving death. ‘Each one of these peopleContinue reading “God’s Will and Hard Times”