From Nigeria to Europe

I got married sometime in 2018 to my friend and although he resided in Germany at that time, I was unaware of the hurdles we would cross to live together. Shortly after the wedding, I took the A1 German test which was and still is a requirement for a long term visa. Although I tookContinue reading “From Nigeria to Europe”

Beautiful sex

Sex is a beautiful gift from God which is to be used within the confines of marriage. Are you of the school of thought that the church should “abolish” the no sex before marriage “policy”? Well, today I am here to inform you that it is not a church policy but Jesus Himself put itContinue reading “Beautiful sex”

He still speaks

Have you ever wondered if we can communicate with God and vice versa? I have some good news today. Pull a chair and let me tell you a story. So in university, I had some financial difficulty here and there like most people, however at some point, I got tired and I thought to myContinue reading “He still speaks”

The fear of satan

Dear Child of God, This is what you are – CHILD OF GOD. Note: A child of God is a person that believes that Jesus is the son of God, that He came to the world, died for the world, resurrected and is currently sitting at the right hand of God the Father. A childContinue reading “The fear of satan”


The subject of God’s death fascinates me. Now this idea of God dying made me commit to Jesus as my saviour and Lord. As Ravi Zacharias, would say, Jesus never answered a questioned directly. So, I will ask you, would you die for anyone? I suppose the answer would be an emphatic NO. The ideaContinue reading “WHY WOULD GOD DIE?”

So you want to lead?

I remember when I first heard God speak to me about being a leader, I was so excited and reminiscing about it now, it was sad that I thought in my heart that I was “special and different as one else was”. Thankfully, so much has changed  since then, as the lord keeps working inContinue reading “So you want to lead?”